About our property management services

SWA Property Management is a new Houston-based company formed by the founder and owner of Stonewall Associates, Jason B. Ormsby. Since 2010, Stonewall Associates has been successful in identifying, acquiring, renovating and managing distressed multifamily properties, returning no less than 18% IRR to its partners. After seeing its success, many third-party owners asked Stonewall Associates to manage their properties, but the timing wasn’t right…UNTIL NOW.

SWA Property Management is led by an experienced executive team with expertise in management, marketing, construction and procurement. They strive to control expenses and improve occupancy rates thereby driving the greatest return to owners and investors. Our team is hands-on at your property, working in tandem with you, to leverage opportunities, add value, and exceed your NOI goals.



Ensure our residents love where they live.

Enhance our communities through investment and property improvement. 

Empower our team members to make smart business decisions. 

Enrich our stakeholders. 

Embody an entrepreneurial attitude. 

Enjoy what we do. 


our management Team

SWA Property Management is led by “captains” of the industry with expertise in management, marketing, construction, procurement and investment. Our team strives for professional and personal excellence every day. 



Founder, Owner & President

Jason B. Ormsby exudes the fighting spirit and determination that's characteristic of the United States Marines. And that's not surprising, given that this Marine veteran was on active duty for six years. The core values of the Marine Corps — honor, courage, and commitment — continue to guide Jason today and define his business and leadership style.​


Adhering to these values has served Jason well, evidenced by his delivery of no less than 18% IRR to partners. The success of Stonewall Associates is fueled largely by his belief that he and the team be onsite, rather than making decisions from behind a desk. Jason's leadership has been tested and proven through real-world operational experience. His complex and diverse portfolio of more than 6,500 units is comprised of class B, C and D properties, ranging in size from 92 to 940 units. Additionally, he's managed various sizes of rehab construction projects, some with crews of more than 100 and multimillion-dollar budgets.

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VP, Construction

VP, Marketing

Regional Property Supervisor

Accounting Manager

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Regional Maintenance Supervisor

Project Manager