Preventive Maintenance for Your Multifamily Apartment

Your multifamily apartment maintenance can be easily missed if you don't have a strategy, and the consequences can be expensive and even fatal to your business. A great maintenance plan delivers great customer service, increases your asset value, reduces ongoing maintenance cost, and enhances marketability of your multifamily community. Property management companies have big shoes to fill. They keep an eye on your multifamily property and look to resolve and concerns that may come up. Rental property management companies in Houston are known to find problems sooner and correct them more efficiently.

Creating a Checklist

Of course, in order to establish an effective schedule, rental property management companies compile a list of all preventative scheduled maintenance, including information about how long repairs usually take and how frequently they should be done. The rental property management companies then create an annual checklist. Some activities are performed more frequently. Some maintenance repairs include:

  • Water Leaks and Damage

  • Roof and Gutters

  • Ceiling and Drywall

  • Shower Caulk

  • Pest Control

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • HVAC and Water Heaters

Respond to Requests Quickly

You'll need a maintenance management system to ensure that your residents are pleased by giving them a simple way to connect with you. Residents often want to know that their request is being heard and that their issue is being addressed. Most rental property management companies in Houston are likely to set up an effective communication system that allows your residents to send requests and monitor their progress.

Offer On-Call Maintenance

From time to time, a resident may call with a concern that arises outside of the standard office hours such as slick ice on walkways or a major plumbing leak. Many of these requests must be handled right away. Your rental property management companies will communicate, treat, and monitor maintenance problems by having an emergency maintenance contact or on-call maintenance technician available at all times to keep your property safe and tenants happy around the clock.

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